Art Gallery

Art of Reconciliation Gallery

Due to the pandemic, we have only had two art shows at the gallery in Maginnis Chapel in 2020 Our first show was with artist Adrian Fritze. Adrian’s work reflects her experiences growing up as a Native American. Our second artist was Leo Hartshorn; in addition to being an artist, Leo is also a musician and has been a Mennonite pastor.
Leo’s artistic work reflects his passions for justice using humor and skill to invite us to look at current-day issues.
This past year saw the dedication of LeRoy Goertz’s bronze sculpture The Prophetess to bring restorative
justice using art to the First Nations people of the Americas. We thank our sexton Mark DeFazio for helping
us with his skills and knowledge of working with concrete to polish the concrete base for The Prophetess.
His work has enhanced the presentation of my sculpture.

We are working with Sydney Brewster on a project to connect with churches in our diocese to
bring awareness of the first people who lived on the land where our churches and homes now stand. We
are working on making a list of which tribes were on these lands. Randy Woodley, a Native theologian who
has taught at George Fox Seminary, is willing to work with us by sharing teachings about Native issues.
We also hope to invite churches to connect with a Native American sculptor to commission a
sculpture in front of their church.

The pandemic that we continue to endure, as well as the tragic loss of life among our brothers
and sisters of color by police, give us the opportunity to be more focused on God’s call for restorative justice.
We invite all of you to reflect with us how God is tugging at our spirits and look at where that might lead