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The Return To Beauty:
Art Exhibition Demonstrating Classical Methods and Techniques

A unique exhibition focusing on the classical aesthetic of beauty. This show demonstrates the methods and techniques used in classical drawing and painting, as well as the stages of development in an artist’s training. Beginning with charcoal drawing, culminating in the creation of multi-figural, mythological and historical works. This is demonstrated by three of today’s artists; Anne Barber-Shams, Helen Bouchard and Ulan Moore. While also posing the questions: what is beauty, is it important, and is there a need to return to it? This is an excellent opportunity to witness how artists of today embrace and utilize the knowledge and lessons from the great masters of the past.

September 2019

The Return To Beauty is an Art Exhibition showing the work by Anne Barber-Shams, Helen Bouchard and Ulan Moore.

The location will be at Christ Church Episcopal Parish, on 1060 Chandler Road, Lake Oswego, OR. 97304.
The Show will open on September 22nd from 11 am until 2 pm.

A lecture and demonstration will be conducted on October 17 starting at 7:00 PM.



This show is hung in a fashion that allows the viewer to walk through and experience the progression of an artist’s development, beginning with drawing in charcoal. Examples of work executed at this stage is displayed, in order to give the viewer a sense of the importance placed on drawing as the foundation for classical painting.

The viewer is presented with examples of work done in the various stages of an artist’s training. This includes work in Grisaille (monochrome), limited palette and full color, as well as the different types of genres such as, still life, landscape and portraiture.

This is a unique opportunity for experiencing the traditional practice and training applied by modern artists while posing the questions; what is beauty, is it important, and the possible benefits of it’s return.

About The Artists

Anne Barber-Shams has been a practicing and exhibiting artist for many years, showing her work in solo, group and juried shows on the East and West coasts, and at the Canton (Ohio) Museum of Art.

Her subject focus recently changed to portraiture, an art form she had never before studied. To learn skills for her new project, Portraits of Ten Inspiring Women, she began studying classical oil portraiture with Ulan Moore and Helen Bouchard in August 2017. She has just returned from Italy, where she studied at the Florence Academy of Art for four weeks, painting from the live model for three hours a day, five days a week.
She exhibits her first three portraits and illustrates the process of the painting methods she learned from Ulan Moore and Helen Bouchard and the Florence Academy.

Helen Bouchard
Drawing and painting have provided Bouchard with endless joy and comfort throughout the stages of her life. Her interest in art as a child was encouraged by her great aunt whose lifestyle as an artist inspired Bouchard to follow in her footsteps.

After experiencing renaissance art and architecture while traveling through Italy at the age of 18, she became particularly interested in rendering the human form, painting landscapes and arranging still life’s. Through the study of classical methods of painting and drawing at the Aristides Atelier in Seattle, she grew a deep love for the study of classic art, of sight and the poetics of creating beautiful timeless art.

Bouchard has won numerous awards for her merits, including first place in the International Artist’s Magazine Competition; portrait/figure category, as well as grand prize overall in 2018. She also won a scholarship award to study at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy, summer program, in 2016. She has also been featured in South West Art magazine and Artist’s Magazine.

Bouchard now lives in Silverton Oregon where she paints alongside her mentor Ulan Moore. She also teaches classes and workshops throughout the North West.

Ulan Moore is an award-winning classically trained artist. He has spent many years studying the traditional drawing, painting, and sculpting techniques of the old masters, as well as the 19th century French academic and contemporary methods of today.

Ulan spent has spent years working to learn and master the techniques and methods of classical drawing and painting. Four years he studied with Juliette Aristides, two of those years he spent as Juliette’s class monitor overseeing the daily operations of the atelier. While there, Ulan won many awards for his work. He also had the opportunity to train with many of today’s top-level artists and instructors from around the world.

Ulan is an instructor as well, providing workshops, classes and private instruction on a variety of subjects. He has worked with students throughout the Northwest. Additionally, he gives individual and small group instruction at his studio in Silverton, Oregon, where he currently resides.

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