Camp Tilikum

How to register for Camp Tilikum:
1.  Click on this link which will take you directly to the camp selection page:
2.  Select either Day Camp Week 10 or Quest Week 10.  Kids who are in grade 1-5 attend Day Camp Week 10.  Kids who are in grades 7-8 attend Quest Week 10.  Kids who in grade 6 can choose either camp.  If you have a 6th grader and are unsure which camp is best for your child, please email me and I will discuss the differences.  
3.  Select the box CHURCH REGISTRATION
4.  The codes below are specific to either a Day Camp or Quest Camp registration.  Refer to step 2 above for what to choose based on your child’s grade.
Registration codes are:  Day Camp: ChristEpisDC2018       Quest: ChristEpisQ2018
Be sure to complete your child’s health form when you do the registration or shortly after.