Community, Comfort & Challenge

If you long for community. If you are in need of comfort. If you seek challenge.

We all crave belonging and a sense of community. We are not meant to be alone. We deserve both solitude and connection. These are not opposites as much as they are rhythms of our soul.

You are invited and welcome to find a place of community and comfort in the experience of church and in your relationship with God. We believe that we are called to constantly live life better. As we go through life, with all its struggles and joys, we are involved in a process of becoming who God created us to be. God, our creator, issues us the challenge of living into our full potential. Jesus, our Redeemer, provokes us to treat each other in a more excellent way. God empowers us to overcome the obstacles that damage our world.

We are challenged to be involved in addressing the issues of our world: poverty, hunger, war, and injustice. We are challenged by the teachings of Jesus so that every person lives with dignity. We are challenged to love others as much as we love ourselves. You are invited to the challenge of following Jesus.