Eucharistic Ministers Schedule

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10‐Jun 8:00 AM Gross Beaumont Beaumont Gross Beaumont
10:00 AM Beckwith Anthony Trotter Beckwith Trotter Brockett Shelly
5:00 PM Stenger Stenger Stenger Stenger
17‐Jun 8:00 AM Stephenson Barry Barry Stephenson Barry
10:00 AM Kenyon Dierckes C. Davis Kenyon C. Davis Crawford Trotter
5:00 PM Brockett Brockett Brockett Brockett
24‐Jun 8:00 AM Beckwith Gross Gross Beckwith Gross
10:00 AM Muzii A. Frazier Muzii Barry Kenyon Stenger
5:00 PM D. Breene D. Breene D. Breene D. Breene
1‐Jul 8:00 AM Brockett Lindstrand Lindstrand Brockett Lindstrand
10:00 AM H. Price Washburn C. Price H. Price C. Price Beckwith Stephenson
5:00 PM Crawford Crawford Crawford Crawford
8‐Jul 8:00 AM Beaumont Stenger Stenger Beaumont Stenger
10:00 AM Anthony Long Stephenson Long Stephenson Brockett C. Davis
5:00 PM C. Price C. Price C. Price C. Price
15‐Jul 8:00 AM Lindstrand Crawford Crawford Lindstrand Crawford
10:00 AM Barry Steckler Shelly Barry Shelly Kenyon Muzii
5:00 PM Stephenson Stephenson Stephenson Stephenson
22‐Jul 8:00 AM Gross Shelmerdine Shelmerdine Gross Shelmerdine
10:00 AM D. Breene B. Frazier A. Frazier D. Breene J. Breene C. Price H. Price
5:00 PM Muzii Muzii Muzii Muzii
29‐Jul 8:00 AM Shelmerdine Gross Gross Shelmerdine Gross
10:00 AM Crawford Monahan Stenger Crawford Stenger Shelly Stephenson
5:00 PM Barry Barry Barry Barry
5‐Aug 8:00 AM Beaumont Shelmerdine Shelmerdine Beaumont Shelmerdine
10:00 AM Trotter B. Davis Beckwith Trotter Beckwith Brockett Long
5:00 PM J. Breene J. Breene J. Breene J. Breene
12‐Aug 8:00 AM Gross Lindstrand Lindstrand Gross Lindstrand
10:00 AM C. Davis J. Breene Steckler C. Davis J. Breene D. Breene Shelly
5:00 PM H. Price H. Price H. Price H. Price