Book of Common Prayer

Opening the Prayer Book: your introduction to the
Book of Common Prayer & and how we pray with it!.

30 Good Minutes for Adults
during the great 50 days of Easter
We continue to look closely at the Book of Common Prayer. Concentrating on the Pastoral Offices [pages 413 to 506] from Confirmation to Marriage to Reconciliation to Burials.

Resources On the Prayer Book

Opening the Prayer Book, Jeffery Lee
Commentary of the American Prayer Book, Marion J Hatchett
Praying Shapes Believing, Leonel L Mitchell
The Prayer Book through the Ages, William Sydnor
Prayer Book Spirituality, Editor: J Robert Wright
Liturgy for Living, Charles Price and Louis Weil

On its History

The First Book of Common Prayer | History Today

A Short History of the Book of Common Prayer

On its use

The Daily Office from The Mission of St. Clare

Using the Book of Common Prayer in daily devotions