Lent: Book of Common Prayer

Opening the Prayer Book: your introduction to the
Book of Common Prayer & and how we pray with it!.

Beginning this Sunday [1/14/18] and then throughout February [4,11,18,25] and March [4,11,18] 30 Good Minutes focuses on The Book of Common Prayer. Since 1549 the Prayer Book has changed but it has continued to guide and direct worship and our common life and prayer. We hope you will join us to explore and practice using the Prayer Book. Come and see in this year of our Lord 2018 that our Prayer book is still relevant! We promise.

Resources On the Prayer Book

Opening the Prayer Book, Jeffery Lee
Commentary of the American Prayer Book, Marion J Hatchett
Praying Shapes Believing, Leonel L Mitchell
The Prayer Book through the Ages, William Sydnor
Prayer Book Spirituality, Editor: J Robert Wright
Liturgy for Living, Charles Price and Louis Weil

On its History

The First Book of Common Prayer | History Today

A Short History of the Book of Common Prayer

On its use

The Daily Office from The Mission of St. Clare

Using the Book of Common Prayer in daily devotions