Lent & Easter

Engaging Gospel Justice.  30 Good Minutes for Adults 

We are fast approaching the season of Lent, a special time of prayer, penance, sacrifice and good works in preparation of the celebration of Easter.  We invite all members of Christ Church to incorporate social justice into your Lenten practices.  We have created a weekly social justice awareness/educational/action program called Engaging Gospel Justice.

In the course of 2016 our world changed.  We had a divisive election.  We watched our leadership demean people with disabilities, of a different race or faith.  We are experiencing more congressional division.  It is highly likely that our states will be expected to meet the needs of their vulnerable, marginalize and minority citizens, rather than depend on federal funding.   It may become more and more clear that it will be up to us, the people, to protect groups of people who have fewer advantages than we do: non-white, Muslims, Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist, disabled, LGBTQ.  How will we respond to our need to protect one another, particularly the least of us?

This Lenten program is designed to hear from national and local voices, some of the issues we are facing and will continue to face.  These are issues that we will need to pay attention to, to lobby our congressional leaders, and to be able and ready to assist with issues as they arise in Lake Oswego and the greater Portland area.

This program will be offered on Sundays in Lent, beginning Sunday, March 5.  It will be 30 Good Minutes followed by 30 MORE Good Minutes.  People can choose to attend the first portion from 11:30 to Noon and are invited to stay if they’d like for the portion called “30 MORE Good Minutes.”  Activities and lunch will be provided for children.