Outreach and Outreach Auction

As Christians,we receive abundant blessings from God and it is from this abundance that we share our abilities, our time and our financial resources with the poor, the sick, the lonely and the desperate. At Christ Church, we believe that God calls us into the particular ministries detailed below. We support these local, regional and international efforts both financially and personally. In fact, most of these ministries involve direct volunteer assistance, because we strongly believe that Holy Scripture demands the giving of our time and talents as well as our money.The needs of the world may often seem overwhelming, but because we are open to the leading of the Holy Spirit, and because we seek Christ in all persons, our task is a joyous one. Please decide where your time and talents fit into the outreach picture at Christ Church. Your efforts, no matter how small, will make a huge impact.  The annual auction is our main source of fundraising and helps support these wonderful programs.
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