Prayer Chain

The Prayer Chain

The men and women of the Prayer Chain are a community who recognize the need for compassionate, transformative prayer reaching beyond the walls of Christ Church Parish and out into the world. The group’s members are committed to the power of authentic, heartfelt prayer and faithfully uphold those on the intercessory prayer list. Known only to the clergy and the Prayer Chain, the confidential list averages 40-50 people at any given point in time.

The members of the group are notified when a prayer request is submitted. This is an active, living ministry serving all who request prayer.  We would love to include others in this important ministry.  It is God’s desire that we all are active in intercessory prayer. What a wonderful privilege we have in being able to offer our prayers and petitions!

Is God calling you to a ministry of intercessory prayer?  If your answer is “yes”, please contact Peggy Crawford,

How to make a prayer request?

  • email with your request.
  • use the request form found in the pews.
  • contact the church office 503-636-5618.
  • All requests are received with compassion and with the promise of confidentiality and daily prayer.
    Prayer requests remain active for 2 weeks, please renew your request as often as necessary.
  • Be sure to share your thanksgivings as well.