Spiritual Journey

Spiritual Journey | Fridays @ 11:00 am

We begin again on January 4th, 2018.  The topic is Ethics and Morality.

Christ Church has established a group called “A Spiritual Journey.” The group meets on Fridays from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm in the office conference room. This ministry is open to all. It is a warm, welcoming group that delights in getting together to explore important theological issues.

All interested participants are invited no matter where you might be on your spiritual journey.  You will find the discussions lively, fulfilling, and your views and ideas and opinions valued. You do not need to be a Biblical scholar, hold a PhD in anything, or a masterful orator.  Supplemental study material will be provided. There are no tests, written or oral. For more information or to get questions answered, contact the Spiritual Journey coordinator: Terry Crawford, 503-244-0050, tncrawfords@comcast.net.



4 Jan Questions of Value  
11 Jan No class Leader  out of town
18 Jan Facts and Values  
25 Jan Lives to Envy, Lives to Admire  
1Feb Foundations of Ethics—Theories of the Good  
8 Feb Foundations of Ethics—Theories of the Right  
15 Feb Thoughts on Religion and Values  
22 Feb Life’s Priorities  
1 Mar The Cash Value of a Life  
8 Mar How Do We Know Right From Wrong?  
15 Mar Cultures and Values—Questions of Relativism  
22 Mar Cultures and Values—Hopi, Navajo, and Ik  
29 Mar Evolution, Ethics, and Game Theory  
5 Apr The Objective Side of Value  
12 Apr Better off Dead  
19 Apr No class Good Friday
26 Apr A Picture of Justice  
3 May Life’s Horrors  
10 May A Genealogy of My Morals  
17 May Theories of Punishment  
24 May Choice and Chance  
31 May Free Will and Determinism  
7 June Images of Immorality  
14 June Ethical Knowledge, Rationality, and Rules  
21 June Moralities in Conflict and Change  
28 June Summing Up