The Great 50 Days

The Great 50 Days of Creation Activities

May 26th, 2019

Please join us for the Fifth weekend of our Great 50 Days of Creation! Activities will start after the 10 am service and each week we will have different activities in each category. Anyone is welcome to participate in these activities regardless of age, but we ask that if you have a child 10 and younger please have a parent accompany them. You will find each activity, description, and location listed below as well as on posters outside of each location.

  • Art: Egg Carton Wind Mobiles and Recycled DVD Mosaic with Kristina Peterson and Ruth Caldwell in Cummins Hall Come join in making egg carton wind mobiles that will be displayed around our church and a recycled DVD mosaic bowl that will be our new baptismal font.
  • Education: Zero Waste with Sydney Brewster Fitzpatrick and Deacon Linda Goertz in the Guild Room Please come and listen to Sydney and Deacon Linda talk about how to live a zero waste lifestyle and how our faith is calling us to take care of our Earth.