The Vestry

The Vestry, comprised of the Rector and twelve elected lay members, meets monthly to conduct parish business.
All parish members are welcome to attend Vestry meetings.

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Class of 2019

  • Lee Centrone
  • Angie Cole — Outreach and Special Events
  • Angel Bigger — Finance, Parish Life, Pre-school
  • Jack Eft — Revision of Bylaws

Class of 2020

  • Dan Breene — Finance Committee
  • Kim French— Parish Communication
  • Ann Frazier —  Jr. Warden, Parish Communication, Internal Vestry Communication, Mutual Ministry Review
  • Richard Genece — Sr. Warden, Audit Coordination

Class of 2021

  • Matt Eckmann — Children and Youth Christian Development
  • Marcia McCampbell — Pastoral care
  • Clay Shank — Finance Committee, Buildings and Grounds
  • Julia Simpson — Adult Formation Development

Clerk of the Vestry   Cheryl McGinnis
Treasurer                  Don Caldwell