Leadership Convenant

Christ Church Episcopal Parish
A Church Leadership Covenant

Recognizing that Holy Scripture will be our authority governing our behavior and
relationships with one another and with the congregation, and acknowledging St Paul’s
directive (1 Timothy 4:12) concerning his role as church leader; to be “an example to the
believers in speech, life, love, faith, and purity,” we, therefore, agree to the following

We will love one another

  • We will create and nurture a safe and trusting atmosphere in which all members can
    feel comfortable and confident in expressing their thoughts and opinions.
  • We will be sensitive to the different styles and personalities of individual members.
  • We will seek to validate, appreciate, acknowledge and understand the unique and special gifts of each member.

We will treat each Leadership member with trust and respect

  • We will speak and act in such a way as to build up and support one another.
  • We will always assume good intent in others while discussing issues,.
  • We will refuse to listen to or perpetuate backbiting or gossip about any other people,
    especially our church leaders.
  • We will encourage people with issues against any church leader to engage that person
    in conversation, and if necessary will offer to go with them.
  • We will follow the principles set out in Matthew 18: 15-18 when conflict arises by
    speaking first to the individual alone; if to no avail, bringing another vestry member
    with us and then, if necessary, finally referring the matter to the entire Vestry.
  • We will listen with empathy to feedback of all kinds and seek appropriate action.
  • We will use good and wise judgment to maintain confidentiality when appropriate.
  • We will seek forgiveness for those we feel have wronged us and work for
  • We will foster the Leadership’s role of serving God and His

We will seek God’s will by striving for unity in all matters

  • We will join with the entire Leadership in submitting significant matters to prayer, especially prior to voting or decision-making.
  • We will uphold the final decision of the Vestry, even if we disagree.
  • We will consciously seek to abandon personal agendas and self-serving attitudes.

We will be an example to the congregation

  • We will faithfully attend worship services and actively support the church through participation in church-sponsored events.
  • We will consistently engage in study of the scriptures.
  • We will give selflessly of our time, talent and treasure.

In summary, we will follow the words of St Paul (Colossians 3:12-14): As God’s chosen
people, holy and dearly loved, we will clothe ourselves with compassion, kindness, humility,
and patience. We will bear with one another and forgive whatever grievances we may have
against one another. We will seek to forgive as the Lord forgives us. And over these virtues,
we will put on love, which binds them together in perfect unity.