The end of our physical life in death is a reality we all must face. Our hope in everlasting life is based on our trust in Jesus’ resurrection and our belief that nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus. And yet we mourn our loved ones, as Jesus mourned his friend Lazarus.

Please contact our clergy as soon as possible in times of sickness or death of a loved one so that we can be available to you in times of loss or grief. If you need to reach a priest after office hours, call 503.635.0955.

Memorial Gardens 
Many members of Christ Church parish and others have chosen to be interred at Christ Church Memorial Gardens.

Would you like to plan ahead for your future and save your family from facing these choices while they are grieving? Funeral and memorial arrangements can be made in advance and secured in the church office for the future.
Visit our memorial garden page to learn more about your options with Christ Church.