Sunday Worship Services

Check out Sunday’s Readings (Track 2) at www.lectionarypage.net

  • 8:00 A.M. SERVICE.
    This service is a quiet, simple, and reverent celebration of Holy Communion using Rite II from the Book of Common Prayer, with no music and a brief homily. It is perfect for those who desire an early service lasting approximately 45 minutes.
  • 10:00 A.M. SERVICE.
    This service is a joyful celebration of Holy Communion that incorporates worship, preaching, music, and ceremony in the best of the contemporary Episcopal tradition. The liturgy is participatory in nature, focuses on congregational singing, and includes our Parish Choir with quarterly singing by the children’s choir and uses ritual, and prayer to open the mind and heart to the magnificence, transcendence, and sovereignty of God.
    Embodying Celtic ceremonial and musical traditions, the service draws on ancient and new liturgical music and texts based on the Celtic tradition, material from the Iona Community, and other sources. We welcome all to this innovative, beautiful, and restorative service in Maginnis Memorial Canterbury Chapel.
    First Sunday Each Month  Family worship and supper for families. Children and their parents will be involved in every part of our worship together. Our short, contemporary service with communion will engage and enlighten both kids and adults. All are welcome! After our worship, we will share a potluck meal. Bring a dish to share and we will provide the drinks. We look forward to seeing you!

PRAYERS FOR HEALING AND ANOINTING are held the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month, after each of the three services in St. Joseph’s Chapel.

Imposition of Ashes & Holy Eucharist

• 12 noon & 7 pm,Nave
• 6 pm, Maginnis Chapel for families & children

During Worship

The Liturgy is celebrated by all of us, not just the Priest. The Liturgy begins with a musical voluntary. Talking during this time is not encouraged as it is a time for personal prayer. We stand for hymns, for many prayers, and as the offering is brought forward. We kneel for the confession and for private prayer. We stand for the reading of the Gospel and sit during the sermon. The sign is made by touching the forehead, chest, left shoulder, and the right shoulder. It can be made at any point, usually at the beginning and end of worship, at the absolution of our sins and when we are blessed.

Receiving Communion

All persons are invited to the Table at Christ Church. When receiving the Elements, the bread will be placed in your hand. In receiving the chalice, it is helpful to guide it by holding the base. If you do not wish to receive either the bread or wine you may simply cross your hands across your chest and the priest will bless you in God’s name.

Comfortable Participation

If you have any other questions about life or worship at Christ Church Episcopal Parish, the clergy are always glad to try to answer them. Don’t worry about getting everything “right” or understanding everything immediately. Our aim is simply for you to feel at home and to be a part of God’s family.

“The Episcopal Church is faith unafraid of reason and of reason unashamed to adore.” These words written by Bishop Daniel Tuttle in the late 19th century are as true today as they were at that time. The Episcopal Church once embraced the fullness of the human mind and at the same time the mystery of the human heart. We live in a world that is ever-changing and evolving and we understand ourselves as an integral piece of God’s economy by working through prayer and service to proclaim God’s love to all people in every need and place.