Engage in Worship


Acolytes offer an important contribution to the worship at Christ Church Episcopal Parish. Acolytes assist the priests and congregation in the work of our liturgy. This ministry is open to all grade 5 through 12.

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is responsible for the care and maintenance of vestments, the arranging of flowers and the preparation of the Altar and the Elements. Altar Guild members serve at the request of the Rector.


The Greeter ministry provides a warm welcome for all persons on Sundays, making them feel accepted. Greeters are outgoing and friendly, taking the initiative in saying hello to those both familiar and new.

Eucharistic Ministers (EMs)

Eucharistic Ministers assist with the administration of the chalice at the celebration of Holy Eucharist. Eucharistic Visitors may also take Eucharist to the homes of those who cannot venture out. This ministry includes training and EMs are licensed by the Bishop.


Lectors are youth and adults with a gift for reading in corporate (public) worship. They read the lessons on Sundays and at any special Liturgies.


Our ushers assist with meeting and greeting persons coming to services. This ministry is a great way for newcomers to become familiar with the people of Christ Church Episcopal Parish. Ushers assist with distributing service leaflets, collecting offerings, reading intercessions during the Prayers of the People and generally answering questions from Parishioners.