Diocesan Delegates

As part of our Diocesan governance, lay and ordained delegates from each church represent their parish or mission at four meetings a year.

Delegates to the Diocese
Jack Eft, Julia Simpson, Brandon Stewart, Eleanor Suman,

Diocesan Delegate Qualifications and Expectations

Make Up of Delegate Team
The Christ Church Episcopal Parish’s Diocesan Delegate team is made up of:
• Six Diocesan Delegates.
— Appointed at the Annual Meeting for a 3-year term.
• One Alternate Delegate.
• The Christ Church’s Clergy.

• Diocesan Delegates are expected to attend the Diocesan Convention.
–Note: Convention begins on a Thursday evening, and runs all day Friday and ends Saturday in the early afternoon.
–This involves two nights in a hotel; Christ Church has some very limited financial assistance for expenses.
• Attend Convocation Meetings.
–Convocation Meetings are an important time to share information as well as to build relationships with the rest of the teams.

Duties before Convention
• Become familiar with the Budget and Resolutions (by attending Convocation Meetings)
• Read the Bios of the candidates standing for Diocesan positions.
• Register and pay for convention and the hotel (Usually in September)

Duties at Convention
• Elect Diocesan Officers.
• Approve the Diocesan Budget.
• Vote on Diocesan Resolutions.
• Hear Diocesan Reports and the Keynote speaker.
• The Christ Church Team sits together at Convention and will each lunch or dinner together.
• There is also an optional banquet Friday night. (Discuss plans ahead of time)

Practical things to know about the Convention:
• Book a hotel room early.
• Be sure to register with the Diocese.
• Check in with your group ahead of time–we may have lunch together etc.

• A time to gather as a group.
• Much of our work is preparation for Convention.