Our Building

Christ Church Episcopal Parish includes venues for many kinds of events and is dedicated to education, social justice, the arts, and community-building. We welcome members, friends, nonprofit organizations, green businesses and the larger community to work with us towards these shared efforts.

Whether you’re looking to have a board meeting, corporate training retreat, company party, banquet, concert space, party, or wedding, we may be your answer.

For information about facilities, rentals, and availability or to book an event, or reserve a space
please contact Julie Mankin at 503-636-5618, or parishadmin@ccparish.org.

Come and See… We Have Many More Spaces Available!

Please feel free to schedule a visit and take a tour to learn about our many rental opportunities,
or check out our spaces here on this page. Then, book your next event with us!

map of buliding_lower level            map of buliding_main level                map of buliding_upper level


Size: 8,674 square feet
Max Capacity: 517 people (theatre seating)  240 people (dining seating)
$1800/day with kitchen or $1200/day without kitchen
Set amid an unexpected wooded haven in Lake Oswego, this space embodies all the best in modern NW design offering vaulted ceilings with exposed beams. Natural materials blend with floor-to-ceiling windows allowing natural light to flow into this space and creating beautiful, clean lines.  This space offers the most versatile seating arrangements for dining, weddings, memorials, lectures, presentations, breakout groups, and more.

WiFi, Podium, Projector, Projection Screen, Microphone Capability, Sound System
on request: Computer, Whiteboard

Size: 1125 square feet
Max Capacity: 160 (theatre seating)  75 people (dining seating)
The chapel is an ideal location for special events.  It is particularly suited for hosting musical performances due to its outstanding acoustics.  It is a versatile event venue in addition to hosting religious celebrations.
A special feature is the Chartres designed labyrinth covering the Oregon pine wood flooring; a perfect place to meditate and very conducive to large group meetings.

Podium, Smart Projection TV, Microphone Capability, Grand Piano, Projection Screen
on request: Computer, Projector

Size: 3750 square feet
Max Capacity: 400 people

Imagine the romance and splendor of exchanging your vows surrounded by stunning stained glass, soaring arches, classic chandeliers, and warm woods. Additionally, our Cummins Hall serves as the perfect wedding reception area.  This space is specifically used for religious ceremonies. Musical concerts are negotiated upon request.

Microphone Capability, Grand Piano, Pipe Organ, Sound System, Video and Sound Recording Capabilities,
on request: Computer, Projector, Mirror-casting,

Size: 400 square feet
Max Capacity: 30 people

Adjacent to the main Sanctuary, the
Guild Room, a former parlor, is an ideal space for presenters to gather before and after sessions, or for informal meetings or workshops.It seats up to 30 guests and features original 1940 architectural details, fireplace, and a large screen tv in a semi-formal setting.

Amenities: Smart Projection TV
on request: Computer, Projector, Mirror-casting, Whiteboard

Size: 3750 square feet
Capacity: 400 people
This space is specifically used for religious ceremonies.  Musical concerts are negotiated upon request.

Microphone Capability, Grand Piano, Pipe Organ, sound system, video and sound recording capabilities,
on request: Computer, Projector, mirror-casting, mirror-casting

Size:  500 square feet
Capacity: 40 (theatre seating)
This small chapel is great for break-out groups or small group meetings and presentations.

Podium, comfortable padded chairs
on request: Computer, Projector, mirror-casting, mirror-casting, whiteboard


Size: 392 square feet
Max Capacity: 26 people
The Executive Conference Room is surrounded by glass windows providing all natural lighting plus existing architectural lighting. The room offers a large conference table for 20 people.
This beautiful room could also be set for small classroom and/or presentation setting.  The conference table breaks into multiple
table-chair arrangements.

Smart Projection TV, whiteboard
on request: Computer, mirror-casting, DVD player

Size: 2040 square feet
Max Capacity: 291 people (theatre seating)  136 (dining seating)
This informal hall is located beneath the main Sanctuary this space is ideal for larger workshop sessions.

Podium, Large TV, Microphone Capability
on request: Computer, Projector, mirror-casting, mirror-casting

Size: 289 square feet
Capacity: 20 (theatre seating)
This space is adjacent to the Undercroft. It includes plenty of counter space, a workroom table, and chairs.  Great lighting and easy access to parking.
Large TV


Size: 225 square feet – 337 square feet
Capacity:10-25 persons

Need a smaller space? Our classrooms may fit your needs. Four of the classrooms are 225 square feet; while the 2 larger rooms are 337 square feet each.  These classroom spaces are great for small groups of up to 12 people. These rooms boast great lighting, convenient restroom facilities and easy access to parking.

Currently, our lower level classrooms host our on-site preschool which follows the Lake Oswego School District schedule. Rooms are available during the summer months.