Instructed Eucharist


We realize The Holy Eucharist must sound strange to anyone who has never experienced it.

But how about those of us who engage it in regularly, even week-by-week – do we fully understand what it is all about?  Here we are offering an “Instructed_Eucharist.” We also use other terms to describe this service such as Holy Communion and the Lord’s Supper. Eucharist means thanksgiving, and in this service, we thank God for what he has done for us in Christ, especially for what he achieved on the cross.

Communion speaks about our relationship with God and others. The Lord’s Supper emphasizes that we are here to eat and drink with him – a foretaste of the Great Banquet in heaven which awaits us. The term Mass is derived from the final words of the service in Latin, “Ite missa est” – “Go, you are sent” reminding us that Communion equips us for serving the Lord in the world.


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