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20210516 Rite II Holy Eucharist

Flowers given today:
In gratitude for Christ Church by Alison Schultz and Todd Broadbridge

Please keep these people in your prayers this week.

For those to be baptized on The Feast of Pentecost
Owen Joseph Panozzo
Son of Trish and Craig Panozzo

Our parish family:
Sue, Sharon, Diana, Liz, Ken, Bonnie, Anne, Carolyn and Clay,
Michael, Gary, Deb, Gale, Evelyn, Jim

Our loved ones:
Lori, Anne, Douglas, Jeff, Marie, Anne, Judie,
Drenna, Aaron, Chris, Michael, Jay, Ken, Lea, Dawn

Those who have died:
Kenneth Handel
Sally Handel


If you have a prayer request, please send an email to

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