Lay Leadership Policy

In keeping with the recent adoption by Christ Church Episcopal Parish (CCEP) of its Core Values and Vision Statement, the following policy is applied to all ministries within CCEP: All Chairpersons and defined/identified leadership within any ministry of CCEP (e.g. program, committee, guild or outreach ministries) shall be “members of CCEP in good standing”. “Members in good standing” is defined by regular church attendance, pledging, and being supportive of CCEP and its overall mission.

  1. If there is a need for communication not directly related to the ministries’ activities to be sent to a wide subgroup within the parish, that communication must be discussed in advance with CCEP Leadership (Vestry or PIC).
  2. It is recommended that ALL Chairpersons and steering committee members of CCEP meet twice annually with a member of CCEP Leadership to report, review and share ideas about their committees and programs. These meetings can be set up as coffees and/or lunch gatherings establishing a supportive camaraderie within the larger body of the congregation.
  3. This policy is in accordance with the Canons of the Episcopal Church and the Canons of the Diocese of Oregon.