Raising children as a spiritual practice
The power of delighted attention
This is a powerful and simple exercise that demonstrates the power of delighted attention.

Divide into pairs. In each pair choose to be A and B both will play both roles in turn. Consider a parenting issue that is significant and haven’t solved yet or would like to get new insights into. Get an agreement about confidentiality and not gossiping with your partner.

A’s will go first and talk about their issue to B’s. B’s are to listen, pay attention, look at their partner warmly and encouragingly, and show their delight in having the opportunity to listen, and keep quiet.

Then a tone will sound and you can swap roles so the B’s talk and the A’s listen. About 2-3 minutes each way is enough for this session. After the session, we will have a brief discussion about what it was like to listen and to be listened to.

What is a spiritual practice?
When  googling  spiritual practice –the list is long
It is about vocation

Vocare – to call or to voice – to give voice to – find your voice
What we do  and
How we do it
Practicing delighted attention