Christ Church Visioning

The wordle presented here represents the words that
were submitted by our members about our vision. The size of the word depicts the number of responses.

A Visioning Committee was formed to review the key themes and formulate a Mission and Core Value Statements that represent Christ Church. They prayerfully chose each word, comma, and scripture. The Vestry has reviewed and approved of the Statements.

Next steps, the Visioning work will be used as a foundation to write the church profile necessary to begin the rector

Many thanks to the Visioning Committee who collaborated to complete this critical work:
Jason Burns, Cathy Coltrin, Cheryl Dotten, Ann Frazier, Kim French, Bill Knopf, Amanda Kreitzberg,
Holly Marcus, Cheryl McGinnis, Judy Montgomery, Linda Nash, Kristina Peterson, Mark Peterson.
Pack Phillips, Julia Simpson, Iain Stanford, Steve Whittaker