You are always welcome at Christ Church, regardless of your religious or spiritual background, your doubts, your questions, your past life, or anything else about you.

JUST COME    You may have found your way here in many ways: by invitation from a friend, because of a wish for a child’s baptism, in search for a deeper faith, or a hope for a community to call home. No matter how you came here, you are welcome here.

The best way to join Christ Church is to participate in our worship on Sundays because it is from worship that our lives extend. If you feel at home here we encourage you to take part in the greater life of the parish.

ENGAGE   Belonging to a community is a basic human need.  At Christ  Church Parish, we have a shared purpose, accepted ways of behaving toward one another, rich traditions, and a deep knowledge that we care about one another. You belong at Christ Church Parish.



For Christians there is a foundational story: God is Christ lived his life to give us freedom, loving us so that we might love others and saving us from ourselves— meaning from false choices—by giving us better and deeper choices.  We call it the Good News.  The movement that spreads this news is called the church, and it is radically welcoming to all who come.  Becoming a member of a local community of faith is one way we live the Good News and express our commitment to God.

COMMIT   We expect parishioners to commit time, talents, and treasure to those ministries in which they are moved to serve. We encourage those who participate in these ministries to invite others to participate in God’s work. We believe that involvement at  Christ Church will offer purpose, fulfillment, and joy in spiritual, psychological, and emotional ways.We ask members to be active participants in the life of the parish. This includes supporting the community in several ways, by engaging in a regular practice of faith, by caring for those inside and outside of our walls, by taking part in the week-to-week life of Christ Church, and by making a financial pledge for the work and mission of the parish.

We hope that this communal expression of life in God will offer you what we all seek: the transforming, life-giving love of God. We expect parishioners to commit time, talents, and treasure to those ministries in which they are moved to serve.  We encourage those who participate in these ministries to invite others to participate in God’s work.  We believe that involvement at Christ Church will offer purpose, fulfillment, and joy in spiritual, psychological, and emotional ways.


  1. Pray    We commit ourselves to deeply engage in prayer, throughout the week;  prayer is crucial to growing and deepening our relationship with God and honing our ability to hear God’s calling on our lives.  We commit ourselves to nurture the life of God in our community by gathering with other members of Christ Church community regularly, inside and outside of  worship, in one-on-one or small group settings, for prayer, care and fellowship.  This commitment matters because we are more than a worship service – we are a worshiping community.
  2. Serve    We commit ourselves to discern and live out our core Christian value of service.  We aspire to commit five hours a month to the community of Christ Church and five hours per month to our local community, the nation and the world.  Even as we engage in this mission, we know we will find ourselves healed and  transformed, and more capable of seeking and serving Christ in all people. This commitment matters because we seek to walk in the way of Jesus, spreading God’s mission of healing, justice and transformation.
  3. Give    Realizing that all we have comes from God, we give freely and generously of our financial resources.  We want to use our money to sustain the life of the world, to sustain the life of Christ Church community, and to reflect a commitment to living as we were made to live: in interdependence and compassion, with simplicity and intention. This commitment matters because our relationship to money has everything to do with our relationship with God.